All of our programs are innovative and individually designed to meet a child’s unique needs. Our team goes beyond the current standards to ensure your child gets the very best treatment available. We are committed to our clients and their families.

Innovative Behavior Intervention Program

Kindergarten Readiness

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At IPLC We tailor intervention programs to each child’s individual needs. We use current, high-quality methods that have been scientifically tested and proven effective and integrate them with practitioner expertise to create an individualized treatment program, collaboratively with family members. 

We systematically monitor progress frequently to know exactly how well treatment is going, how far we've come and how far we have to go. We use this information to ensure that we are making optimal progress and to adjust the program as necessary to achieve the greatest degree of progress possible. 

We incorporate the following services and techniques into your child's individualized treatment program based on their needs and recommendations. 


The Hanen approach has led the way in changing early language intervention by putting parents first in order to help children best.


An intervention that is used to promote an individual's development through a respectful, playful, joyful, and engaging process. It uses the power of relationships and human connections to promote engagement, communication, positive behaviors, and thinking.

Pivotal Response Treatment

A naturalistic form of applied behavior analysis. It focuses on increasing a child’s motivation to learn, initiate communication, and monitor their own behaviors. 


PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets, is a multidimensional approach to improve speech production. PROMPT integrates all domains and systems towards positive communication outcome.  


Sensory-cognitive intervention that targets underlying reading, comprehension, and language skills. 

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is an online language and reading intervention software that targets learning struggles at their core, starting in the brain. 


There are many therapeutic benefits of yoga  including:

  • Improving body awareness
  • Improving attention and concentration
  • Creativity
  • Social skills
  • Language development
  • Following directions
  • Self regulation

The Alert Program

The Alert Program is used for sensory integration. It helps children learn to monitor, maintain and change their level of alertness so that it is appropriate to a situation or task.

Zones of Regulation

A systematic, cognitive behavior approach used to teach self-regulation. This approach provides strategies to teach children to become more aware of and independent in controlling  emotion and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflict.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is a sound-based intervention. It involves listening to specially recorded and enhanced music  that gives the listener unique and precisely controlled sensory information to trigger attention and activate body movement.

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An evidence-based software program that gives students a systematic way to improve their auditory and following directions skills. 


An interactive software that provides students in prekindergarten through grade 3 with individual, systematic instruction in early literacy skills as students interact with animated characters.


Academic Intervention


AIM to Attain

At I.P.L.C., we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to treatment. Effective intervention is not a “perfect formula” approach. Therefore, we are continuously using an AIM to attain approach to tailor our programs to each child's individuals needs, reviewing and adapting intervention as the child's needs change.