What Makes us Different?

At Innovative Pediatric Learning Center of Miami (I.P.L.C.), our team goes beyond the current standards to ensure your child gets the very best treatment available.



We recognize that each child  is an individual and learns differently. What works great for one child may not work for the other. Therefore, all of our programs are individually designed and customized to meet each child’s unique needs and learning styles. Our goal is for your child to learn and gain confidence through our unique services. 


Open communication with families is very important and something that we value at I.P.L.C.. We acknowledge you know your child best. Therefore, on-going consultations via telephone, email, and/or text are offered  continuously throughout your time with I.P.L.C. 


At I.P.L.C., we believe it's important for all those involved to have a say. We work on building a relationship so that all those involved in the child's life can contribute their knowledge and skills to form a partnership. 


At I.P.L.C., we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to treatment. Effective intervention is not a “perfect formula” approach. Therefore, we are continuously using an AIM to attain approach to tailor our programs to each child's individuals needs, reviewing and adapting intervention as the child's needs change.  

Our Services