School can be frustrating for children with speech-language delays, learning difficulties and/or attention disorders. These children frequently experience difficulties with understanding vocabulary and are subsequently academically disadvantaged.

As speech-language pathologists working with a variety of different children, we have found that some of the central difficulties children tend to have with academics are organization, working independently, and simply knowing what to do. Kids, now more than ever, feel significant pressure to perform at younger ages; so no wonder it often builds to a point where it’s all just too much.

Our curriculum based intervention aims to help children improve academic performance by learning the skills necessary to be more effective and productive in school and beyond. 


What is Curriculum Based Therapy?

Curriculum Based Therapy is an individual treatment that combines tutoring, remediation of cognitive and/or academic skill difficulties, and speech-language therapy into one process. This approach is unique and innovative because it combines ideas from speech-language intervention and education into a single modality to address a child’s complete academic and emotional needs.


How Does it Work?

Curriculum Based Therapy varies according to each child’s individual needs. We look at all aspects of the school process and your child’s skills. When material is presented in a way that accesses natural abilities and takes weaknesses into account, learning explodes. Through this children begin to develop a new model for what it feels like to do their work. Once students feel confident they begin to develop more positive views of themselves as learners, which ultimately leads to an overall enhanced sense of self and a positive attitude toward learning.

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